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Retail is constantly evolving, leaving brands and retailers in need of a partner who can impartially assess their business and help design the path forward. 

HSC Advisors offers flexibility to select a package or customize a plan that will achieve your business goals.

Sales and Merchandising Audit

What It Is:

Assessment of sales performance by SKU, by channel, by classification, and by price point 

What You Get

SWOT analysis detailing the health of business and identifying areas for future development

Profitability and Planning Review

What It Is:

Detailed examination of P&L to identify the greatest impacts on margin

What You Get:

Breakdown of elements driving or draining profitability with recommended next actions

Assortment Analysis

What It is:

Analyze current or future assortment with a competitive analysis and merchant observations

What You Get:

Merchandising plan detailing styles specifics and penetration by category

Wholesale Negotiations

What It Is:

Review agreements and actively assist in ongoing negotiations

What You Get:

Recommend negotiation approach through crafted communications and alternative agreement strategies

Open to Buy and Budget Examination

What It Is:

Explore OTB versus budget goals to identify gaps and construct forecasting models

What You Get:

Forecast go forward OTB and structure to manage budget forecasting

Retail Partnership Development

What It Is:

Guidaince and advice on navigating retailer and brand relationships

What You Get:

A framework for communication to partner in growth of brand relationship and sales


Let's discuss your business goals and the milestones you would like to achieve.

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