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“Strategically insightful and a skilled partner for thought leadership, Hillary is passionate about pushing retail forward.
From the time I first met Hillary when she was the 'E-commerce expert' for Neiman Marcus I had a total business crush. Intelligent, stylish and forward looking, Hillary was the whole refreshing package.
Over the last year I have greatly valued my conversations with Hillary in her advisory role. In this time of industry change they have been helped greatly to inform my decisions. I have hung up the phone/zoom feeling invigorated and excited but also well informed. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Hillary!"

Lily Gunn Townsend

Vice President, Michael Kors Collection

“Hillary is the type of executive merchant every brand dreams to work with. She can expertly balance the dance of using hard facts together with her keen intuition of what the customer wants to build a business.  She knows how to be a partner through any situation creating true long-term relationships not only with the Brand but her customers.  She creates profitable strategies for both sides keenly incorporating merchandising, marketing, and customer relations.  During these uncertain times, and now as a consultant I would not hesitate to work with her to help build any business from start to finish.  "

Denise Baca

Former Vice President, Missoni

“As a product development firm, our expertise is truly on the innovation. That’s why partnering with HSC Advisors is so vital to our success. Hillary is able to pivot and immediately adapt to any project we are working on and not only provide exceptional assortment analysis but increase the future profitability of our clients. Without her services The Product Place would be significantly more limited in our offerings and client success. "

Alia Oneal

Founder & CEO, The Product Place

“Hillary Cullum worked for me first as a financial planner where she excelled at putting together detailed budgets that were always timely and well thought out. Along with her business acumen and high taste level for luxury product she was quickly promoted to buyer for stores and e-commerce. 
With this dual responsibility she successfully immersed herself in this newly combined area of the company and was instrumental in taking a leadership role in omnichannel buying and analytics. 
Hillary is a self starter with creative ideas who can successfully communicate to a broad audience. Her positive attitude and constant smile makes her a pleasure to work with and her patience and caring have made her an excellent teacher. 
It was a privilege to have had her on my team and I am confident she will continue to add value to whatever project she takes on."

Joyce Healy

Retired Vice President & DMM, Neiman Marcus

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